The Detailing Nexus

About Us

Welcome to The Detailing Nexus, your ultimate destination for premium auto detailing services. Specializing in elevating your driving experience through meticulous car interior cleaning, ceramic coating, glass coating, waxing, and polishing, we take pride in delivering top-notch services that enhance the aesthetics and protection of your vehicle. Trust us to bring a new level of shine and sophistication to your cherished ride. Drive with pride, at The Detailing Nexus – where passion meets precision.

What We Do

Detailing Services

Indulge in complete interior and exterior detailing to breathe new life into your vehicle. Our expert touch will revive every inch, leaving your car looking and feeling like new 

Paint Correction

Our specialists excel at reviving the depth and gloss of your vehicle's paint, bringing it back to life with unmatched expertise 

Ceramic Coatings

Experience years of unbeatable protection, an unmatched glossy finish 

Operating Hours : 8am–7pm, We are open seven days a week for your convenience, from Monday to Sunday  

Phone:  09212100151