Where does your doorstep car detailing service operate? 

We currently offer our doorstep car detailing services in Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon. Our dedicated team is committed to bringing professional car care directly to your location for your convenience. 

When do I pay?

You pay on site after the detail is finished. We prefer cash or upi. Or if you will not be home when the detail is finished you can pay in advance. 

Should I remove personal items from my vehicle? 

Yes, please remove personal items. If you want the center console or glove box cleaned, kindly empty them beforehand. 

How long does each detail service take? 

n short, the duration depends on the size and initial condition of the vehicle. On average, a sedan or similar-sized vehicle typically requires approximately 4 hours for a full car spa. 

Do you offer ceramic coatings for vehicles? 

Yes, we now offer ceramic coatings. For inquiries, please call us.